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Civil and Commercial Mediation - AE Mediation

Civiland Commercial Mediation


Mediation is a process which assists Parties to resolve their disputes and negotiate their own agreed decisions in a dignified and fair way and taking account of the needs of all involved.

Mediation can be a helpful and rewarding option to offer clients. Referral to AE Mediation will improve client awareness of your practice’s ability to consider their financial, emotional and practical needs. Recent research indicators reveal high levels of client satisfaction with mediated agreements – and a satisfied client is more likely to recommend others to your practice.

Our Mediators are trained to work with the representing lawyer and not against them – our Mediators are lawyers with high levels of experience and skill in recognising when Parties need the advice and assistance of their own representing lawyer. Mediation can assist the highly dependent client to look at means of managing their own affairs and recognising when they truly need legal advice rather than general, and often inappropriate, assistance.

If you would like further information please do contact us at the above number.