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Our Mediators - AE Mediation


AE Mediation is the brainchild of Kedar Karandikar.

Kedar Karandikar is an ADR Group Accredited Mediator (Civil and Commercial, Family, Workplace and Online Mediation) and a Solicitor-Advocate (Higher Courts Civil Proceedings). He has a strong background in personal injury claims, having acted for insurers, claims handling agents and brokers at national and regional Law firms in the North of England.

Kedar’s experience covers liability, quantum and indemnity claims arising from road traffic accidents, employers’ liability and public liability disputes. He also has a range of advocacy experience, ranging from case management conferences, costs case management conferences, joint settlement meetings and inquests.

Kedar has supervised others through sharing experiences and written and delivered in-house training.

Kedar’s interests outside the Law complement his role as a Mediator.

Kedar is a Listening Volunteer at Bradford Samaritans and Crisis at Christmas. He provides emotional support to those experiencing distress and despair with thoughts that may lead to suicide. This includes children and those with challenging mental health issues.

Kedar is also Chair of Trustees at Bradford Samaritans and ensures that they comply with their legal and governance responsibilities.

Kedar also acts as a Mentor at the University of Bradford Careers Mentoring Scheme, providing support and guidance, coaching and feedback. He is also a representative on his local GP Surgery Patient Participation Group.

Kedar’s unusual set of skills mean that he is well versed in dealing with situations which create a high level of emotion. He is as comfortable dealing with the boardroom, as he is with talking to someone on the street.

Kedar is also fully aware of the problems, risks and concerns suffered by SME’s, solicitors’ firms, GP’s surgeries and third sector charities. When money is tight, parties are looking for cheap, timely and cost effective solutions that will help them to return to what they do best. And Mediation provides them with that.