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Mediation - AE Mediation


Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process which helps parties to resolve their disputes.

The Mediator is not a Judge or Jury, he is not an arbiter of fact, nor is he there to say whether a party is right or wrong. He is non-judgmental. He is there to facilitate the parties to reach a solution that they can live with.

At the heart of the Mediation is confidentiality. Anything that is said within the Mediation stays within the Mediation and the parties sign a Mediation Agreement. In a private (caucus) meeting, the Mediator will only pass on information to the other Party if express permission is given.

In Civil and Commercial Mediation the Mediation is without prejudice. That means that any offers, admissions or concessions made in the Mediation cannot be referred to outside the Mediation.

In Workplace Mediation the Mediation is bona fide ie the Parties go to the Mediation in good faith and with a genuine willingness to resolve the issues between them.